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Phoenix Petroleum PULSE Technology launched!

Phoenix Petroleum one of the emerging independent oil companies launched the Phoenix PULSE Technology today.
Phoenix PULSE launched!

The Phoenix PULSE Technology is an "innovative" formulation with advanced cleaning and protection properties. It's designed to provide "enhanced" power and "acceleration" for your vehicles.

The launch of Phoenix PULSE Technology is in fulfillment of our goal to be the most credible alternative to the major brands. We enhanced our fuel products and improved our formulation not only to be able to compete with bigger players in the oil industry, but more importantly, to add value to every peso fueled up at Phoenix, said Phoenix Petroleum Chief Operating Officer Henry Fadullon.

According to Phoenix Petroleum, the PULSE Technology was made by "world-class" fuel experts.
Rhian Ramos is the newest face of Phoenix
Rhian Ramos is the newest face of Phoenix

Phoenix also boasts that this new tech serves as a more affordable alternative with high performance to the offerings of other pricier brands.

It has 3 main benefits

1. It avoids fuel filter blockage in diesel-powered vehicles
2. Removes deposits from fuel injectors, valves, and piston surfaces
3. Engine protection

Overall, this new oil technology aims to provide better fuel economy when used continuously.

The Phoenix PULSE Technology is available in all Phoenix stations in the country.

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