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Samsung Unveils Next Gen Family Hub Refrigerator

Samsung Electronics just unveiled the new generation of their Family Hub Refrigerator at the 2018 Southeast Asia and Oceania Forum with new features showcased.
Samsung Unveils Next Gen Family Hub Refrigerator
Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator

The Family Hub series won the 2018 CES Best of Innovation award recently. They are looking to improve the standard for connected living. Samsung boasts a lot of new smart features that allow consumer to do new things. Smart features will help in syncing up food storage with meal prep, organize and improve connectivity across family members and improve the entertainment side of your home. Bixby will also be available with the Next Gen Family Hub.

Family Hub looks to simplify life with a connected home control system. It works with the SmartThings ecosystem which allows the user to control and monitor their Smart Home devices from the Family Hub screen. 

In addition that Family Hub also enhances food management with the View Inside app that enables the users see the inside of the fridge from anywhere. With that, you can easily decide what needs to be restocked or what is nearing its expiry date. The new feature here is the Meal Planner which can personalize recipes according to food preferences, dietary restrictions and food expiration dates.

Family Hub also promise to help in strengthening family connections. You can calendars, photos and notes on it. Bixby can also have personalized interactions via individual voice recognition. Each voice will have a personalized response with information varying from news, weather and calendar reminders.

Lastly, Family Hub promises to bring an entertainment hub in the kitchen as well. You can access live radio apps, mirror your Samsung Smart TV or stream content from your Smartphone.

Stay tuned for the official local SRP and date of availability.
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