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SKY opens online payment facility

Paperless billing is now possible with SKY as they open their online payment facility for their subscribers. No need to go to payment centers anymore.
SKY opens online payment facility
SKY introduces online payment facility

SKYsubscribers can now say goodbye to long queues at payment centers as SKY's online payment facility will now allow them to pay anytime anywhere. This is a great development as it modernizes the way SKY cable and broadband subscribers deal with their bills.

This is part of SKY's commitment to enhance customer experience. They now partnered with PesoPay which is a secure and reliable payment system. PesoPay allows SKY subscribers to settle their bills using their debit or credit cards. It accepts both Visa and Mastercard cards. The online payment facility will be accessible via the SKY website.

Here are the steps to access the SKY online payment service

1. Subscribers need to create an account on SKY's website at www.mysky.com.ph/register
2. After that, they need to click the Pay Now button under Account Overview
3. Read and accept the terms and conditions
4. Fill up the details

SKY's online payment service will now make paying more accessible and convenient to their subscribers.
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