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Starmobile launches durable UNO B310 and selfie-centric UNO B311 basic phones

Starmobile is starting 2018 with a bang by launching two feature phones with the durable UNO B310 and the selfie-centric UNO B311. Read on for more details.
The Starmobile UNO B310 and B311
The Starmobile UNO B310 and B311

Feature phones are known for their more durable build and straightforward features. The UNO B310 for one has a slim and sleek metal design that is can withstand accidental drops and pressure. It also has a fairly big storage that can store more SMS and contacts. It also supports the AllConnect Quad Band GSM that gives it a wider coverage and better signal reception.

The UNO B311, on the other hand, will also allow the user to take selfies. It will feature an EasySelfie front camera. Images that you took can also be uploaded online through mobile internet or transferred to other devices via Bluetooth.

Both phones will have a rear camera with flash, BriteLite Torch and batteries that boast 16 hours of standby time. They are also both price at PHP 949.
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