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MWC 2018: Vivo teases the APEX FullView concept smartphone with 98 percent screen-to-body ratio!

Vivo unveils their FullView concept smartphone called the "APEX". Vivo claims it to have the highest screen-to-body ratio and an In-Display Fingerprint scanner.
Vivo "APEX" FullView Concept Smartphone
Vivo "APEX" FullView Concept Smartphone

Vivo is saying that they looking to make a smartphone that will be the benchmark for future releases. They want to push the boundaries of the FullView technologies to provide improvements on camera, speaker and sensors. 

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"APEX" is said to be an iteration of Vivo's drive to set "new industry standards and to deliver the ultimate mobile experience". They want to maintain their pride in "innovating" in smartphone cameras, audio and now the first Half-Screen In-Display Fingerprint Scanner.

The "APEX" is said to feature only 1.8mm of top and side bezels with a 4.3mm bottom bezel. They are touting a 98% screen-to-body ratio if the bottom bezel is able to be reduced to 1.88mm as well. They are utilizing the flexibility of the OLED panel to achieve this screen-to-body ratio.

Vivo is also looking to improve their audio tech with the Screen SoundCasting technology. They are saying that the entire FullView Display will be utilized as a speaker by sending vibrations through the display. It promises better audio, power efficiency, less sound leakage and better optimizations of highs and lows.

The APEX will also be sporting an 8MP "Elevating Front Camera" where that camera rises in 0.8 seconds when needed and can be retracted after use. It is also utilizing a hidden proximity and ambient light sensor as well.

Diving into the Half Screen In-Display Fingerprint Scanner, Vivo said that they are going to be utilizing the entire bottom half of the OLED screen. This will allow the user to touch anywhere on the bottom half of the screen to unlock the device. Vivo is also saying that they are going to implement a new dual-fingerprint authentication system.

Lastly, APEX is said to have a new System in Package (SIP) technology to integrate the DAC and the 3 operational amplifiers together. This will reduce the space it takes up by 60% which allows for improvements on battery size and thermal management parts.
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