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Cherry Mobile opened its own Camera Lab in partnership with Samsung!

Summer has arrived and Cherry Mobile greets it with the announcement of their new Camera Labs and the return of the Cherry Mobile Festival 2018!
Cherry Mobile launched a dedicated Camera Lab in partnership with Samsung!
Color checkers!

Cherry Mobile has invested greatly with their new Camera Lab to show how serious they are at further improving their camera's performance. The laboratory is found in their headquarters in Manila. 
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This was done in partnership with Samsung Electronics Device Solutions Group. This makes Cherry Mobile the first and only local brand to have their own in-house testing facilities.

Their intent to address the consumer's need for value-for-money smartphone with great camera features was already apparent with their Flare S6 series which was lauded for its camera features and value.

The last was a partnership with Morpho Solutions, a software enhancement technology who helped the brand to improve the captured photos on these aspects: Noise Reduction, Image Stabilization, HDR, Refocus, and more.

The laboratory has several sections where series of Image Quality checks are done like color accuracy, Sharpness, ISO, BSI of each device.

Selfie-centric smartphone is becoming a trend and Cherry Mobile understands the importance of it to the Filipino market, hence, we are continuously developing and innovating when it comes to camera features. We want to give our consumers an experience at par with high-end camera phones but at a price that is still within their budget. We want to be with them in capturing every moment, sceneries, and stunning selfies, so we really opt to invest on enhancement technologies such as this. I’m proud to say that we are the first in the local market to really act upon improving and upgrading our phones’ camera features with our very own Camera Lab, shares AVP for product development, Lonson Alejandrino.

Let's expect better image quality in the coming phones from Cherry Mobile at more affordable price point.
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