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Converge ICT Boasts Huge Savings and Better Internet for Consumers

Converge ICT want to give residential consumers a reason to be happy. They are promising huge savings and better internet connection with no data caps.
Converge ICT promises fast and affordable Fiber connections
Converge ICT promises fast and affordable Fiber connections

These is said to be possible through Converge ICT's FiberX plans. FiberX plans can help residential customers realize up to PHP 8,000 of savings on their budget according to Converge ICT. They also promise that theu are not to compromise the quality of their services as well.

Even if it is more affordable than their competitors, Converge ICT is committing to faster internet connectivity with no data cap. You can use all the speed you need without worrying about any throttling no matter how much bandwidth you use.

For instance, if you apply for FiberX Plan 1500, you only have to pay PHP 1,500 up front as a security deposit. The installation fee will be broken down over 6 months. You will get 25Mbps for only PHP 1,500.

The PHP 8K savings will be realized overtime since you are paying less for more. Converge says that you are paying for 25Mbps compared to what others are offering which is 20Mbps for a higher price. This makes the FiberX Plan 1500 47% more affordable per Mbps.

There are also a lot to choose from in terms of speeds as well depending on your needs. There is the FiberX Plan 2500 with 50Mbps and FiberX Plan 3500 with 100Mbps that is perfrect for content creators such as vloggers and YouTubers,

Converge ICT is promising to make your internet experience faster and better with their FiberX plans. You can stream music and videos, upload and download files quickly, surf the net and connect with your friends and family with no hiccups.
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