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GBoard now allows Filipinos to type in Bicolano

Each day we are always typing on our mobile devices for text messages, form entries or even Google searches. Now, Bicolanos can enjoy easier typing in GBoard.
GBoard now allows Filipinos to type in Bicolano
GBoard now speaks Bicolano

GBoard is now going to add Bicolano in their languages on Android devices. Bicolano is the fifth Philippine language or dialect to be supported by GBoard. This makes it easier for Filipinos who type in that native dialect.

Daan van Esch, Gboard Technical Program Manager, stated this:

With today’s update, we’ve added support for Bicolano and over twenty other new language varieties, including several Indian languages, Chinese, Korean and African languages like Fulani. Gboard on Android now supports 300 language varieties, covering over 70% of the world’s population. This includes Filipino, Hiligaynon, Kapampangan, and Ilokano.

GBoard is one of the keyboard apps that is said to have machine learning. Google also built-in Google Search and Google Translate with GBoard. To access the additional functionalities, you just need to tap the "G" button to search and share information quickly.

The machine learning part handles the word prediction, auto-correction suggestions and a lot more. The language pool for this is gathered from samples from the web and they work with native speakers when it comes to local dialects and languages.

There also is the glide typing and suggestions feature in GBoard that can make typing easier with one hand and on a smaller screen. You can also access emoji and GIF with GBoard easier. If you need to find the "monkey" emoji, you can easily search for it to find it. You can also take advantage of the GIF sharing function that works with Google Messenger, Allo and Hangouts as well as third party apps.

To get these features, just update your GBoard app on Google Play Store.
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