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Huawei on Nova 2i's success and popularity in the Philippines

The Huawei Nova 2i experienced a great reception in the PH as more Filipinos are looking for a device that has a great balance in affordability and performance.
Huawei Nova 2i
Huawei Nova 2i

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The Huawei Nova 2i managed to showcase both those and more. With its quad cameras and the 18:9 FullView Display, the Nova 2i managed to gather a great following. It is Nova's DNA as Huawei said it as it is both social and trendy.

The younger consumers are consider a smartphone's camera quality to be one of the deciding factor in terms of their choice of smartphone. They also love sharing their milestones and memories across social media such as Instagram and Facebook. That is why Huawei Nova line starting with Nova 2i has social and trendy traits embedded in their core.

The Nova 2i's Quad-camera system ensures that your photos come out clear and vibrant. The bokeh-style portrait mode gives the user a chance to have pro-like shots along with the camera suite's Pro Mode. People are also taking selfies left and right. OOTD, mirror selfie, groufie, gym selfie, whatever your selfie style is Nova 2i wants to help you achieve the best shots possible.

Corinne Bacani, Marketing Director of Huawei Philippines, stated this about the Nova 2i's success:

With Huawei Nova 2i’s success in the Philippines, we really felt that we are becoming closer with the younger generation because we were able to provide them with a product that is trendy and social which they all loved.

The Huawei Nova 2i managed to sell 1,000 in an hour during the first day of its availability in the Philippines. Media outlets tech blogs also touted the Nova 2i as the Best Valie Smartphone, Midrange Phone of the Year and the Product of the Year.

The Huawei Nova 2i is also at an affordable PHP 13,990 at the mid range market. You can also get it by adding PHP 500 pm top any Smart Postpaid Plan with most affordable one being the Plan 399 with an PHP 899 cashout and an PHP 899 monthly fee for 30 months. 
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