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Infinix Hot S3 vs OPPO A83 - Quick Camera Comparison

As expected from one of the best all-rounders under PHP 10K, the cameras found on the OPPO A83 are fantastic for the price.
Infinix Hot S3 vs OPPO A83 - Quick Camera Comparison
Budget camera fight!

But recently, Infinix launched the
Hot S3, a more affordable smartphone who aims to beat the cameras of OPPO A83 with better specs on paper.

Infinix Hot S3 vs OPPO A83 Camera Specs

Device Infinix Hot S3 OPPO A83
Back Camera 13MP f/2.0 w/ PDAF and dual tone LED flash 13MP f/2.2 w/ PDAF and LED flash
Selfie Camera 20MP f/2.0 w/ dual tone LED flash 8MP f/2.2 w/ A.I. Beauty Recognition Technology and screen flash

On paper, it is clear that the Hot S3 is way ahead. Its 13MP camera has the wider f/2.0 aperture size versus A83's 13MP snapper with f/2.2 aperture.

In front, the 20MP f/2.0 snapper of the Hot S3 is way bigger than A83's 8MP f/2.2 selfie shooter even if it has A.I. Beauty Recognition Technology. Moreover, the Hot S3 has a dual tone LED flash which is brighter than the screen flash of OPPO.

But, actual performance matters. Let's see if the cameras of the Infinix Hot S3 can really outperform the OPPO A83.

Scene 1 - Daylight outdoor

Tough call! Both performed very well in daylight. But, the output produced by the Hot S3 is a bit more washed. On the other hand, the A83 the warmer color with slightly better dyamic range and less noise. OPPO A83 - 1 point

Scene 2 - Indoor well-lit

A83's snap is a bit overexposed, but it still has the better dynamic range, details, contrast, and popping colors (saturation) against the Hot S3. The shot taken with the Hot S3 is a bit too dull in our opinion. OPPO A83 - 2 points

Scene 3 - Indoor close-up
The fight is a bit closer this time. The Hot S3 produced the more accurate color in this scene, but it is softer in detail. The A83 has better sharpness and dynamic range. OPPO A83 - 3 points

Scene 4 - Night shot
Both struggled in this scene. The EDSA Shangri-La text on the Hot S3 is a bit sharper. But, the glare and noise are lesser on the A83. Dynamic range is better on OPPO's bet as well. OPPO A83 - 4 points

Scene 5 - Selfie daylight
In this scene, the clear winner is the Hot S3. Details are a bit oversharpened, but colors are punchier than the A83. On the other hand, A83's shot looks a bit dull and lacking in details. Infinix Hot S3 - 1 point

Scene 6 - Selfie daylight bokeh with face beauty

The colors on the Hot S3 are still punchier. Details are about the same. But, A83's face beauty is a bit more natural looking. Bokeh is better on the A83 too. OPPO A83 - 5 points

Scene 7 - Selfie lowlight flash

In front, Hot S3's 20MP snapper is paired with real dual LED flash. On the other hand, the A83 only has a screen flash. As a result, the shot we took using the Hot S3 is better in this scene. Infinix Hot S3 - 2 points


The score is 5 to 2 in favor of the OPPO A83For PHP 2 to 4K less, the Infinix Hot S3 is a good alternative which can also shoot decent snaps and selfies.

However, if you can stretch your budget to PHP 10K, the OPPO A83 is still the better overall camera phone.

What do you think guys?
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