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Lenovo launches 8th Generation ThinkPads and ThinkStations in the Philippines

Lenovo launched their 8th Generation Lenovo ThinkPads and ThinkStations which are designed to give users the performance they need for the evolving workspaces.
Lenovo launches 8th Generation ThinkPads and ThinkStations in the Philippines
Lenovo launches 8th Gen Thinkpads and ThinkStations

A study commissioned by Lenovo and done by IDC InforBrief showed that the younger workforce can lead to changes in workspaces and how they work. The younger generation is also projected to make up more than 50% of the workforce by 2020 in Asia which means that habits and needs for a workstations is also set to change.

The new line of ThinkPad and ThinkStations aim to be the "ultimate workstatation". They are focusing on increasing portability without any compromise on power and performance.

There are five new ThinkPads unveiled on the launch which are the ThinkPad L380, X280, E480, T840, and T480S. All of these have better and improved features according to Lenovo. They have a match-on-sensor touch for fingerprint readers, IR cameras for facial recognition in use with Windows Hello and webcam covers for your privacy's protection. It will all feature Intel's 8th Gen Core processors with vPro that adds another layer of protection through remote encryption which will lock HDD for unauthorized users.

All of the new ThinkPads will also have USB Type-C power adapters for a more universal charging option. The new docking design will also be backwards compatible with the previous 12-inch, 14-inch, 15-inch ThinkPads from previous generations.

Lenovo also made the 8th Gen ThinkPads lighter for portability. The 12.5-inch X280 for instance is 15% thinner and 20% lighter that the previous ThinkPad x270. But, they promised that there were no compromises made in terms of durability as they still went through the Mil-SPEC 810G tests that has 10 durability tests including humidity, low temperature, high vibration and high altitude.

The 8th Generation Intel Core Processors woll also make the new line of ThinkPad more power efficient due to its microarchitecture. All of these ThinkPads will have the Intel Turbo Boost Technology 2.0 that will control the device power and speed dynamically to make sure that the performance you need for certain tasks will be enough.
Lenovo X1 Carbon will go PHP 96,990
Lenovo X1 Carbon will go PHP 96,990

The ThinkPad X1 Carbon and X1 Yoga was also launched with the latter being a hybrid 2-in-1 device. The X1 Yoga can be used as a traditional laptop with keyboard and trackpad or you can have it in tablet mode if you need to sketch something. The keyboard will also be deactivated during tablet mode to avoid accidental key presses.

The ThinkStations launched are the ThinkStation P520 and P520C which are both equipped with Intel Xeon processors and NVIDIA Quadro GPUs. They are said to be designed for Graphical projects and 3D animations. Thermal are also said to be well-managed due to the Tri-Channel Cooling system. They will also have 16GB of DDR4 RAM, 1TB of M.2 SSD and a 1TB SATA 3 HHD.

Here are the prices for all the products launched:

ThinkPad E480 - PHP 45,990
ThinkPad L380 - PHP 64,990
ThinkPad X280 - PHP 85,990
ThinkPad T480 - PHP 86,990
ThinkPad T480S - PHP 96,990
ThinkPad X1 Carbon - PHP 96,990
ThinkPad X1 Yoga - PHP 110,990
ThinkStation P520C - PHP 115,990
ThinkStation P520 - PHP 137,990

The ThinkPad E480 and L380 are now available but the rest of the launch products will be available on April 2018.
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