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OPPO A83 vs Xiaomi Redmi 5 Photography and Selfie Comparison

Xiaomi's Redmi 5 has one of the best overall specs for its low asking price. Moreover, the company even claimed that it has the ability to take great photographs in different lighting conditions.
OPPO A83 vs Xiaomi Redmi 5 Photography and Selfie Comparison
Camera fight!

Due to popular demand, let's compare the cameras of the Redmi 5 with another camera-centric smartphone on a budget, the OPPO A83.
Selfie cams!
Selfie cams!

OPPO A83 vs Xiaomi Redmi 5 Camera Specs

Device OPPO A83 Redmi 5
Back Camera 13MP f/2.2 w/ PDAF and LED flash 12MP f/2.2 w/ PDAF and LED flash
Selfie Camera 8MP f/2.2 w/ A.I. Beauty Recognition Technology and screen flash 5MP f/2.0 w/ LED flash

Spec-wise, the A83 is slightly ahead due to its bigger camera resolution at the back and in front. It even has an A.I. assisted selfie camera.

But, as we all know, camera resolution is not the basis always. Actual performance matters.

Let's compare!

Scene 1 - Daylight outdoor

Both produced decent looking photos in daylight. But, A83's shot has the better exposure, sharper details, and proper colors. Redmi 5's shot is washed in comparison. OPPO A83 - 1 point

Scene 2 - Daylight close-up
This time, the Redmi 5 produced the better colors. However, it is softer compared with the A83. The A83 has sharper details and less grain too. Close call, but OPPO is head again. A83 - 2 points

Scene 3 - Indoor dim
Again, the Redmi 5A delivered the more natural looking color. But again, it has less details versus the A83. The A83 also has the better overall exposure, contrast, and dynamic range. A83 - 3 points

Scene 4 - Lowlight
A83's lowlight performance is on point for the price. It is noticeably more vibrant and detailed than the Redmi 5. Redmi's dynamic range is on par with A83 in this scene, but A83 has the more accurate looking colors. A83 - 4 points

Scene 5 - Lowlight cropped
No need to explain. OPPO A83 - 5 points

Scene 6 - Lowlight flash
Xiaomi's single LED flash is impressive. It simply has better exposure versus A83's single LED flash. As a result, it delivered the more natural looking photo. Redmi 5 - 1 point

Scene 7 - Selfie daylight
A83's 8MP sensor has the wider field of view compared with the 5MP sensor of the Redmi 5. As a result, you can fit more people on a single frame in A83's selfie camera. It is also more detailed versus the blurry daylight selfie snap taken with the Redmi 5. A83 - 6 points

Scene 8 - Selfie indoor auto face beauty
Redmi 5's shot is soft and grainy at the same time compared with the more detailed indoor selfie of the A83. It is even more natural looking in colors. A83 - 7 points

Scene 9 - Lowlight selfie
Surprisingly, both did well in lowlight for a budget phone. Both are well exposed and has decent details. But again, A83's shot is more natural looking. Redmi 5's selfie looks softer as well. A83 - 8 points

Scene 10 - Lowlight selfie flash
The A83's screen flash is no slouch, but personally, I'll go with the better exposed photo delivered by the Redmi 5. Thanks to its dedicated soflight LED flash. Redmi 5 - 2 points


The score is 8 to 2 in favor of the OPPO A83. The Redmi 5 can take decent looking photos in well-lit conditions, but it is clear that the OPPO A83 is the better overall camera smartphone.

What do you think guys?
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