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Smart Milleniors brings Senior Citizens and Senior High Students together

Senior citizens sometimes struggle to cope with the latest in gadgets and tech but like us they also want to share their pictures on their social media account.
Millenials teaches the Milleniors at the Smart Milleniors Program
Millenials teaches the Milleniors at the Smart Milleniors Program

Take Nanay Precy Erquiza for example. At 76 years old, she wants to learn about the basics and intricacies of a smartphone so that she can share her vacation photos on social media. She said that her niece knows how to use Facebook and she said she'd like to learn that as well.

That is why Smart's "Smart Milleniors" program is a great opportunity for Nanay Precy and 23 other senior citizens from Brgy. 627 in Paco Manila. The "Milleniors", a play on the word "millenials", are seniors who are also tech savvy. The main goal of the program is to teach the elderly the basics of gadgets and technology.

During the program, they were assisted by Senior High students and Computer Science students from Adamson University. They taught the Smart Milleniors the basics of smartphone, mobile data and social media. They were able to setup their Facebook accounts and were assisted by their student-volunteers in taking their very first selfies.

Bernardo Corpuz, one of the participants, said that smartphones will be of great use for him since he has children working abroad. Along with his classmates, they expanded their knowledge with the usage of different tech.

For the student-volunteers, they mentioned that they learned how to be more patient and show empathy to their elderly students. They loved sharing their knowledge and teaching them the basics of technology. 

Smart's main aim with this program is to help the elderly adapt with the digital transformation of the world around them. No one should be left behind with the modernization of the society.
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