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Freenet has 5 more features aside from FREE internet access

Ever wondered what else the Freenet App does aside from the FREE internet access it offers? Here are the five other things it can do for you!
Freenet has 5 more features aside from FREE internet access
Freenet features!

Freenet allows users to go online and surf the internet without worrying about extra data charges. Some of the services that you can access is Facebook, Lazada and GIZGUIDE.

Aside from this, you can redeem prepaid load for you and your loved ones by completing 'missions' on Freenet. These missions are varied like going online, visiting selected apps under the missions tab and/or referring the Freenet app to your friends.

You can also surf the web and your favorite apps outside of the Freenet with Smart, Sun TNT and Globe data packages that you can also redeem via the missions tab.

Like our favorite app Datally, Freenet can assist you in managing your data packages and maximize it. By looking at the 'My Data' tab, you can easily enable or disable apps that are consuming your data packages. This allows you to make the most out of your data packages to the things you love to do.

You can also redeem gaming pins from games like Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, and Mobile Legends during the Netzee hour on the Freenet app. All you have to do is complete missions to earn points and redeem your rewards from the Freenet shop.

Lastly, simply by enjoying these perks, you get a chance to experience 24K magic life and watch Bruno Mars perform live on May 3 and 4 by registering to MVP rewards to earn raffle points. AND NO, there are no charges because MVP rewards is free of data charges via Freenet.

So take advantage of these awesome features to even see Bruno Mars, live!
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