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Google to launch a mid-range Pixel phone?

According to reports, Google could make an aggressive move in India's ever growing smartphone market soon.
Google to launch a mid-range Pixel phone?
A mid-range Pixel phone soon?

For the first time ever, Google could unleash a mid-range Pixel smartphone by Diwali and Pixelbook soon. Google could also bolster its marketing strategies to take on the likes of Apple and Samsung.

Sources also noted that Google will expand along the Reliance Jio 4G network to realize the maximum potential of the products.

The report also stated that Google will join the intelligent home automation market with its Nest products next year. It include doorbell, alarm system, and smoke detector.
Google could make the new mid-range Google Pixel phone available in the market by August of 2018.

Google will also expand the company's reach by building more offline stores.

Here in PH, Google has an official store online where they sell the Chromecast via Globe and Lazada.

Hopefully, Google will also have their own offline store here in PH.

Let's see!

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