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Converge ICT offers fast and affordable Fiber X plans and Enterprise solutions

Slow internet is the bane of every person who rely on the internet for both work and entertainment. Slow connections can only get you so much mileage.
Converge ICT offers fast Fiber X plans and Enterprise solutions
Converge ICT offers fast Fiber X plans and Enterprise solutions

That is why Converge ICT says that they look to shake the ISP marketplace with a bang-per-buck, reliable and fast internet connectivity, they want to provide the consumers with an alternative from the "traditional, costly DSL plans with poor customer service, inconsistent speeds and data capping". They want to provide fiber-optic based internet to homes, offices, SMEs, and enterprises.

The consumers need fast internet for their needs such as video streaming services such as Netflix and YouTube, online multiplayer games, social media such as Facebook, Messenger, Twitter and Instagram, and even for work especially the freelancers who are working at home.

That is why each tier of Converge ICT's internet plan is sure to cover these needs. The Fiber X 1500 plan will give you up to 25 Mbps which is more than enough for 10 devices. The Fiber X 2500 plan will give you up to 50 Mbps for more than 20 devices. All these comes with no data cap or limit.

When it comes to enterprises. Converge ICT maintains a "customer deserve better" mentality to provide exceptional service. You can get the following perks with Converge Enterprise:

  • Direct Access Internet - Premium and dedicated connection to the global public internet backbone for fast and more stable connections.
  • Multi-Protocol Label Switching - Allows the user to combine video, data application and voice without the complexities with secure one-to-many-point network connection.
  • International Private Line - A more cost-effective and secure point-to-point or point-to-multipoint connectivity solution.
  • Converge Colocation - Data Center environment to your data and applications
  • Carrier Ethernet - Allows users to connect with your satellite office across the Metro.

Converge ICT wants to change the ISP market and provide a competitive yet reliable internet connectivity in the country.

For more info, just visit http://www.convergeict.com/ now!
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