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Grab's 100-day campaign promises 4 percent less cancellation rate, price surge explained

Grab pledges to improve driver behavior and welfare, provide better experience, and upgrade customer support in the next 100 days.
Grab's 100-day campaign promises 4 percent less cancellation rate, price surge explained
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Since they have promised earlier that they will be cracking down driver cancellations, this time Grab offers Enhanced Driver Performance Incentives. This will reward top-performing drivers based on their number of rides, high rating, and good passenger feedback.

If passengers only before can earn membership badges, now, Grab drivers can also enjoy their points through Driver Rewards Program and be a Platinum, Gold, Silver, or Regular members. Their membership status will qualify them for perks, such as discounted gas price, driver's lounge, and maintenance discounts.

We are directly addressing, rider complaints on booking cancellations, driver behavior, and pricing, and will make our drivers undergo intensive transformation programs to make them models of road courtesy and public service, said Cindy Toh, Country Marketing Head of Grab Philippines.

The Grab app will have a cleaner, more intuitive interface both for Android and iOS this coming July. The updated app will have a new home screen, easy to set pick-up points, and quick choosing of service. Rewards will also be categorized that will make an easier way for user's smooth selection and redemption of offers.

Help Center of the Grab app is also encouraged to be used by the patronizers of the TNVS company. This is where users can report ride concerns, as well as report location issues--particularly pick-up and drop-off points. 

Dedicated service lines for passengers and drivers with Platinum status will allow-easier access to after-ride services.

A new SOS Button will be unveiled in the updated app that connects passenger to 911 and sends SMS to three registered phone numbers in case of emergency. 

Grab will also announce a set of rules and regulations for their passengers that they must respect and heed to in order to be responsible members of the TNVS community.

For transparency, Grab promised to share updates and milestones on the 30th, 60th, and 100th day of the campaign.
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