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Plextone G30 Review - Budget Gaming In-Ear Headset with Detachable Mic!

Budget gamers, check this out! Plextone has a new gaming-focused in-ear monitor with removable microphone, the G30.
Plextone G30 Review - Budget Gaming In-Ear Headset with Detachable Mic!
The budget in-ear headphones for gamers?

Yes, you read that part right, the Plextone G30 has a removable omnidirectional flexible microphone. It could be useful for chatting while gaming, calls, and even casual audio recordings.

In addition, the Plextone G30 boasts a Razer-inspired design and "HiFi" grade audio which could appeal both gamers and music lovers alike.

The best part, it is priced at just PHP 999!

Promising? Here's our review!

Plextone G30 Specs

Drivers: 10 mm dynamic driver
Sensitivity: 105dB±3dB
Frequency response: 20-20000Hz
Impedance: 32Ω±15%
Connector: 3.5 mm gold plated jack
Cable: 1.6 m (up to 2.2 m total)
Others: Microphone, Colors: black, red, green
Price: PHP 999

The Plextone G30 we have was seeded by Mr. Kester Sy of Cosmic Technologies Incorporated for our honest review.


The box
The box

The G30 arrived with a very attractive package. It looks premium for the price! Moreover, the package inside is pretty loaded for a budget earphone.

Inside the box, you'll find the earphones itself with the attached microphone, 4 sizes of eartips, 3 sizes of earhooks, audio adapter, cable extension, clamshell case, and paper documents.
Inside the case
Inside the case

Build Quality/Design

Microphone hole
Microphone hole

The construction of this headphones is average for the price. The body and control part of this made out of plastic, the microphone is flexible, the flat cables are thick enough and flexible, and the 3.5 mm headphone jack is gold plated.

Construction is average, design is attractive!

We also noticed that it has enough flex on the earpiece part, control keys, and headphone jack. The overall build of this wired headphones is decent. The memory wire of the mic also feels sturdy.

With proper care, this one can last. It has no cable cinch of better cable management though.
Removable flexible mic with 2.5 mm audio jack
Removable flexible mic with 2.5 mm audio jack
Answer key
Answer key
Volume sliding key and mic on and off switch
Volume sliding key and mic on and off switch
Thick enough flat cable and 3.5 mm headphone male jack
Thick enough flat cable and 3.5 mm headphone male jack

In terms of design Plextone G30 comes in three color options of black, red, and green. The color and design of this earphone is quite attractive overall. The green model is very Razer-like which most gamers will like.

But, not everyone will like it. Some may find the body of the earpiece a bit too big for an in-ear headphone.


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Personally, I noticed that its plastic body has some sharp parts on the edge. Fortunately, it won't affect its wearing comfort. The nozzle of its angled half in-ear design is long enough to prevent the body from touching sensitive parts of our outer ear.

As a result, comfort is respectable. The ear hooks to prevent it from falling easily sits well on my outer ear.

The included tips doesn't have the highest quality around. It could get itchy after few hours of straight usage though.

Good isolation!

Isolation is great. It can block most of outside noise. It simply has one of the best isolation found at this price point.


For a wired in-ear headphones, the Plextone G30 is feature-rich for the price.

It has a cable extension (160 cm) and an extra adapter for PC or laptop use and the mic is removable and replaceable. You can even upgrade the mic if you are not satisfied with its quality.

The remote control is easy to use too. It even has a sliding volume up and down key, mic on and off, and an answer call/play and drop call/stop key at the back.

The quality of its mic is decent and clear enough. Its signature is a bit dark though. Don't expect it have the extra crispy voice recording quality.

Sound Quality

Like most budget earphones, the Plextone G30 has a single dynamic driver. It has a warm and bassy sound signature. The bass response HUGE as a matter of fact. Bass lovers will like this as it has a deep punchy bass response.

Big bass response, but the mids and vocals aren't that clean!

However, it could be too bassy for some. The bass response is actually overpowering. It could affect the rest of the spectrum. Mids could be a bit muddy due to its too much bass. The highs aren't that clear as well.

Fortunately, soundstage and separation is decent. Its soundstage is good enough to make you aware of your surroundings well while playing games.

It has good audio performance on several games like PUBG, ML, and ROS.

This headphone is also a bit harder to drive on average smartphones with no HiFi DACs. For PC use, it can go really loud. Just don't crank the volume all the way up to 100 percent to avoid hearing damage.

Overall, don't expect it to have audiophile grade audio quality for music. But, for its purpose of playing games, overall sound is nice.

Pros - Loaded package, attractive design, big bass response, large enough soundstage, removable mic setup, affordable price tag
Cons - Sharp edges on the body, no cable cinch, bass could overpower the mids


The Plextone G30 is arguably the budget gaming in-ear headphones to get!

For PHP 999, you get the design, bass response, soundstage, and ease of use that could be useful while playing games. The microphone is even flexible and removable.

However, it is not for everyone. If you are the type of user who listens to music more than playing games, there are better options.

The Plextone G30 is available at Shopee Philippines in red and green colors for just PHP 999!

Build/Design - 3.75
Comfort/Isolation - 4.25
Features - 4
Sound - 3.75

Average - 3.93 / 5
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