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Samsung Curved TVs are on a special promo!

Curved TVs has been catching on since it's debut in the market. It changed the way immersive entertainment were delivered due to the way images were projected.
Samsung Curved TVs are on a special promo!
Samsung Curved TVs are on a special promo

If you are still on the fence about the Curved TVs advantages over traditional flat TVs then Samsung can give you a few reasons why curvy is better for TVs.

1. Minimized Eye Strain - Samsung Curved TVs follow the natural curves of the eyes so that you can have a more relaxed and enjoyable viewing experience. You can have longer binge watch or movie marathon sessions with your friends and family.

2. Enhanced Perspective - Curved TVs can add a deeper sense of depth and immersion. The wrap around effect gives you a more panoramic viewing experience that makes it feel live you are in the action. This also helps in terms of viewing angles since, according to Samsung, wherever you sit you can get the same viewing experience as the one in the front of the TV.

3. Helps You Focus on the Content - Samsung Curved TV's distortion free images lets users focus on what is being projected on the screen. There are no hiccups, distortion or decrease in quality of the picture even in faster paced scenes.

Samsung says that their Curved UHD TV offers more pixels packed with higher resolutions which means better image quality overall.

Samsung says that their Curved TV line up can help transform your home into a sexier entertainment hub.

They are also offering special discounts on curved TVs when purchased straight via cash or card from any participating Samsung authorized dealers up until June 30.
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