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AMD launches ready-to-deploy Deep Learning Solutions at ISC 2018

During ISC 2018, AMD continued improving their deep learning and high performance compute when they unveiled their ready-to-deploy server platforms.
AMD launches ready-to-deploy Deep Learning Solutions at ISC 2018
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The ready-to-deploy server platforms are from AMAX, Inventec, Supermicro, and Exxact. All of these are powered by Radeon Instinct and EPYC processors. This continues AMD's momentum following the demonstration of their 7nm Radeon "Vega" professional datacenter graphics and the next gen 7nm EPYC processor codenamed "Rome".

The AMAX ServMax P47 system is a ready-to-deploy Tensor Flow or Caffe deep learning compute a solution in a 2U AMD EPYC processor server with 4 Radeon Instinct MI25 compute GPUs.

Inventec also has the P47G4 which is a 2U 1-socket AMD EPYC Processor family based HPC server system. It focuses on optimal deep learning processing with high performance, high scalability and SoC-level of security. It also has 4 Radeon Instinct GPUs.

Supermicro SuperServer 4029GP-TRT2 is an AMD Radeon Instinct supported SuperServers that offer an excellent price to performance ratio. It supports OpenCL as well to make sure that the GPUs work in optimal conditions.  It also has 4U Dual Intel Xeon processors with 8 Radeon Instinct GPUs.

Lastly, the Exxact Tensor TS4-642702-AML is a 4U rack-mountable server that supports dual Intel Xeon processors and up to 10 AMD Radeon Instinct GPUs. It has 24 2.5-inch HDD bays as well.

AMD is betting on deep learning solutions to improve the server system industry.

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