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Bayantel Customers to get free Fiber Upgrade from Globe Zumbanalo Barangay Fiber Caraven

Bayantel subscribers are getting faster internet broadband internet connectivity through a free Fiber upgrade during the "Zumbanalo" Fiber Caravan in Quezon City.
Zumbanalo Barangay Fiber Caravan
Zumbanalo Barangay Fiber Caravan

The Zumbanalo Barangay Fiber Caravan is aiming to invite Bayantel customers to upgrade to the newer and faster broadband service available. The upgrade itself is free with no additional fees or change in the contract. The Fiber connection offered to Bayantel customers is at least 3x faster than what they have.

The Zumbanalo Fiber Caravan also has a lot of activities including Zumba classes accompanied by Zum-bayan YouTube tutorials, games, karaoke, raffle and more. The caravan will happen on June 30th at Quezon City Memorial Circle.

More information will be posted on Globe's Facebook page. Bayantel is a subsidiary of Globe at Home and they are pushing for faster and better internet connectivity throughout the Philippines with both Fiber connections and more stable mobile data connectivity.

If you are a Bayantel subscriber in Quezon City then make sure you take advantage of this free Fiber upgrade. You can also join the festivities and activities at the same time.

What do you guys think? Are you a Bayantel subscriber?

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