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Grab awards drivers with good ratings through their quarterly Papugay Awards

The job of a Grab Driver is to bring you from point A to point B safely. There are some occasional talks if you are up to it but most of the time there's none.
Grab awards drivers with good ratings through their quarterly Papugay Awards
Grab Papugay awardees

Grab Drivers may be seen as a person just doing his job to make a living but a lot of them goes above and beyond just to make sure that you arrive safely at your destination. Simple gestures such as having a clean car, cool aircon, and having a friendly demeanor are small things that go unnoticed but have a great impact on the quality of rides.

Grab also some basic guidelines but some drivers go beyond that by having things such as having a cleanup kit with alcohol and wipes, candies and even some form of entertainment like on-the-road karaoke sessions. Items that are left in the car are also return as soon as possible which are held true by testimonials from riders who encountered honest drivers.

For this, Grab recognizes these hardworking people who shows professionalism and excellent service through their quarterly Papugay Awards. This event includes Grab Delivery, Grab Taxi and Grab Car drivers with the most 5 star ratings in that time period. Last Labor Day, they invited the selected Grab partners to receive their service awards in a simple ceremony.

The Grab Delivery drivers that won are Ahdan Guzman who has been stated to be "extra nice", Sandro Solano who goes out of his way to regularly update their customer where their parcel is, Jimmy Orpilla Jr. and Antonio Maravilla who ensures fast delivery time and Oniel Edora who was mistakenly paid PHP 500 instead of PHP 50 and he informed the customer immediately and gave exact change out of honesty.

Grab Taxi drivers also has a slew of honorable drivers like Luisito Santos who showed compassion like a father and is concerned about the safety of the rider all throughout the ride and Renato Meneses Magalindan for being a road expert by utilizing the fastest and shortest routes available. He was also knowledgeable about the city and even helped a passenger find a place to live.

Grab Car drivers also has a lot of heart warming stories. For instance, Jovelton Almonte Lopez shares his good vibes to his passengers by offering water, candies, tissue and crackers. Normando De Borja Cruz maintained his integrity by refusing a parent who was travelling with a child when she offered him double the fare since it was hard to book that day.

Ronald Capachero Santos lifted a passenger's half paralyzed mother on and off his vehicle. Jose Rizal Aceverdo Matacot was commended for taking a passenger and her aunt to the hospital free of charge. Michael De Jose De Pedro, in similar fashion, did not charge his passenger when he found out that he was transporting a bag of blood from Red Cross for their mother's transfusion. 

Emerson Del Rosario Ignacio also waived a passenger's fare when he found out he has leukemia and even prayed for his recovery. Last but not the least, 63-year old Romualdo Salvo Albarca picked up a passenger who was stranded and was on his way home to Molino. Not only did he waive the passenger's fare, he also picked passengers who were also stranded.

Giving a deserving driver a five star rating goes a long way. Reward a great driver with a five star rating so that they can be recognized by Grab.
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