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Meizu 16 and 16 Plus teased with In-Display fingerprint sensors

The Meizu 15 series was unveiled several months ago. Now, Meizu has just unveiled the  successors, the Meizu 16 and the Meizu 16 Plus with rumored new features.
Meizu 16
Meizu 16

Meizu Founcder and CEO Jack Wong teased about the device on the official Chinese forums of Meizu. On the post, Wong showcased a device that has a great screen-to-body ratio that is expected to be at least 84%. He also showcased their new in-display fingerprint sensor. He also said that the Meizu 16 will have bezels that are thinner than the ones on iPhone X and Mi 8.

For the insides of the two devices, rumors have said that it could have varying chipsets. The Meizu 16 is rumored to be running Snapdragon 710 while the Plus version is supposedly running Snapdragon 845. One of these chipsets, the Snapdragon 845, was already mentioned by Wong himself. However, none are set in stone yet.

The Meizu 16 and Meizu 16 Plus is supposedly slated for an August 2018 launch.

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