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OPPO tests the limits of smartphone capabilities

Innovation is the key if you want to stay ahead of your competition in a very competitive market. That is why OPPO is testing the limits of the smartphones.
OPPO is testing the limits of a smartphone
OPPO is testing the limits of a smartphone

They are working on new concepts that can define the future of OPPO's smartphone lineup. 

First up, 5X Dual Camera Zoom. OPPO has always been one of the proponent of smartphone photography. So having their R&D department work on this concept is no surprise. This has already been announced during MWC 2017.

The 5X Dual Camera Zoom technology uses a telephoto lens and wide angle lens. The telephoto lens takes inspiration from a submarine's periscope by having its angle rotated 90 degrees to give it enough space for a deeper zoom. The design also helps to expand the zoom technology while keeping the device thin. 

Next is the Super VOOC that can charge your battery to 100 percent in 15 minutes. OPPO's VOOC Flash Charge technology is touted as the "safest and fastest" charging technology to date. It was first showcased at MWC 2016. It is based on a low voltage pulse algorithm and exclusive super battery by OPPO. It can charge a 2,500 mAh battery to full in just 15 minutes.

Last but not the least, the 3D Structured Light and 5G Network. In January 2018, OPPO revealed the 5G pilot program. This is their joint project with Qualcomm Technologies. Last May 10, the OPPO Global Research Institute demonstrated the first 5G video call in the world. It used the 3D Structured Light Technology.  The combination of that and the 5G Network will change the way people used their phones.

What do you guys think? What innovations are you looking for next?

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