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Meet Spigen Classic C1 Case for iPhone X, Two layers of protection!

Spigen releases a cool iPhone X case that brings us back to the nostalgic era of iMac G3s. 
Spigen Classic C1 case turns your iPhone X into an iMac G3
Spigen Classic C1 case with the iPhone X

The latest classic Spigen C1 case pays tribute to the iMac G3 on its 20th anniversary this year. Spigen designed it with two layers of protection.

But does it meet the protection your iPhone X needs? Let's find out!

Meet the Spigen iPhone X Classic C1 Case

The case is made of a polycarbonate material with translucent colors that let you see the internals-like of the iMac since those are just purely decorations. It feels like you have computer internals underneath the case lining.
Spigen Classic C1 case in Snow color
Spigen Classic C1 case in Snow color

Spigen C1 case has two layers of protection. The first layer of the case has a rubbery thermoplastic polyurethane or TPU inner liner. 

The second layer includes a top shell piece that locks in with a bottom piece to make the C1 case rigid. 

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If you'll look at it closely, you can see how the iPhone X is like 'embossed' from the case. It can be deemed the brand's famous air-cushion technology in the corners that help to absorb the pressure of any drops.

On top, the case is slightly elevated from the screen creating an added protection aside from the Spigen tempered glass. Buttons seem a bit hard to press but all buttons and ports are all perfectly molded.
Spigen Classic C1 case on its box
Spigen Classic C1 case on its box

The grip is great! You would never feel like it would slip even for a second. It has a hole that shows the Apple logo but hiding the rest of the smartphone. However, you would really be captured by the nostalgic look of the iMac G3 on an iPhone X.

The Classic C1 case works with a wireless charger. It comes in the true colors of the iMac G3 which are Bondi Blue, Snow, Graphite, Sage, Ruby, Grape, and Blueberry.

Definitely, the Spigen iPhone X Classic C1 Case can give the protection that your iPhone X needs!

You can get the Spigen Classic C1 Case for PHP 2,000 at Spigen lounges and kiosks nationwide
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