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Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 vs OPPO F7 Youth - Quick Photography Comparison

Due to popular demand, we'll compare the photography performance of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 against the OPPO F7 Youth.
Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 vs OPPO F7 Youth - Quick Photography Comparison
Back cameras

In case you missed it, both are bang for the buck smartphones in the under PHP 15K price tag.
Selfie cameras
Selfie cameras

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 vs OPPO F7 Youth Camera Specs

Device Xiaomi Redmi Note 5OPPO F7 Youth
Back Camera 12MP f/1.9 + 5MP f/2.0 w/ Dual Pixel PDAF and dual tone LED flash 13MP Sony IMX135 f/2.8 w/ BSI, AF, and LED flash
Selfie Camera 13MP f/2.0 w/ A.I. and softlight LED flash 13MP OV12830 f/2.2 w/ LED flash

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 priced at PHP 11,990 boasts an impressive 12MP f/1.9 + 5MP f/2.0 dual camera setup with PDAF focus at the back and a 13MP f/2.0 A.I. assisted camera in front for selfies.

On the other hand, the OPPO F7 Youth has a single 13MP f/2.2 sensor with PDAF focus at the back and an 8MP f/2.2 selfie shooter with A.I. Beauty Recognition 2.0 technology in front.

On paper, the Redmi Note 5 is ahead. But, let's see!

Scene 1 - Daylight
White balance and exposure is better on the Redmi Note 5. It has sharper details on the clouds too.

On the other hand, the shot that the F7 Youth got has livelier colors. It is more saturated. It has the wider dynamic range too. The level of grain is about the same.

Toss coin, but I'll give it to F7 Youth this time since it has better details on my nipa hut subject. OPPO F7 Youth - 1 point

Scene 2 - 100 percent crop
Again, the color of the Redmi Note 5 is more natural looking. But, the F7 Youth showed that it has the better dynamic range and brighter exposure. It also showed that it has a bit more details too. F7 Youth - 2 points

Scene 3 - Indoor
The level of detail is almost on par again. But, the Redmi Note 5's shot got the slightly crispier image. It has the better color accuracy too. The exposure on OPPO's shot is just brighter. Redmi Note 5 - 1 point

Scene 4 - Close-up
The shot produced by Xiaomi is on point again. Details are sharp and its exposure and colors are more natural looking. The shot taken by OPPO is brighter again, but its white balance is off. Redmi Note 5 - 2 points

Scene 5 - Lowlight
Xiaomi's color reproduction is warmer in this scene. The detail on the SM logo is slightly better. It handles bright areas a bit better. But, it has more grain.

On the other hand, the shot captured by OPPO has the brighter exposure and lesser grain. Dynamic range is a bit better too. Take a look at the left side of the building. It's a tie for me. Redmi Note 5 - 3 points, F7 Youth 3 points

Scene 6 - AI Selfie bokeh
Redmi Note 5's exposure is dimmer, colors are a bit darker, and it has a bit less details. The shape of my face is more natural looking though.

On the other hand, the F7 Youth's selfie is brighter, has better colors, and slightly sharper details. Its face beauty is not as aggressive as the Xiaomi too. However, its AI made my face look a bit slimmer.

Both has good artificial bokeh and clean edge detection. F7 Youth - 4 points 

Scene 7 - Selfie indoor
The face beauty is very aggressive on both phones in this scene. OPPO F7 Youth's color reproduction could be more appealing for most. It has better details on the background too.

But this time, the selfie captured by the Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 is a bit better. It has less grain. Redmi Note 5 - 4 points


The score is 4 all! In our test, there are conditions where the Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 is better. But, there are also scenes where the OPPO F7 Youth is nicer.

The Redmi Note 5 knows how to handle white balance better most of the time. On the other hand, F7 Youth's dynamic range is nicer.

For us, toss coin.

Do you agree with us?

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