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Argomall has the Best Chatbot according to Sumo.com

Pinoy online store, Argomall, tops Sumo.com's list of successful e-commerce chatbots. Argomall is the sole Filipino company on the list that includes big names.
Argomall chatbot tops Sumo.com list
Argomall chatbot tops Sumo.com list

Sumo is a US-based company that powers up website traffic for nearly a million sites worldwide. They teamed up with Chatfuel to come up with this list. The list includes LEGO, Decen Muebles Infantiles, Hello Fresh, and Bot Burger among others. Argomall tops them all in terms of the effectiveness of their chatbot.

The Argomall chatbot allows users access to a streamlined sales process that lets them place orders without leaving the app. It also enhances the live chat support experience by allowing users to ask questions at any point during the ordering process.

Chatbots are softwares that can hold a conversation with a human. It can answer questions and follow instructions. You can ask them a question or give instruction and the chatbot will respond accordingly. 

Chatbots became more popular in the industry as it can help increase sales and help customer support with a 24/7 availability. Argomall deployed their chatbot in Facebook Messenger as well. You can find it by searching for "@argomall". You can press get started to begin your conversation with their chatbot.

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