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Converge ICT to announce something big on August 8!

Converge ICT Solutions Inc. has something up its sleeve this August 8!
Converge ICT to announce something big on August 6!
The official invite

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Although we are not sure yet about what could be the company's announcement, GIZGUIDE senses this may have a connection with potential partnerships to boost its internet business in the Philippines. 

Converge ICT even teased the media with the invite that reads: "We invite you to join us as we take this major step in bringing the Filipino people the internet service that they deserve."

Most likely, Converge's eyes are set to provide Fibr connectivity nationwide as they teased for a Fiber-powered Philippines.

Only a few days left and we might hear an official confirmation from Converge.

Team GIZGUIDE will be there at the event to bring you the news as fast as we can.

Are you, guys, excited? Stay tuned as we unveil this hot news!
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