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Meet F&D EW201, The budget wireless sports earphones priced at PHP 695!

F&D is on a roll and we are not complaining! Given how decent they look and perform for the price! Does the EW201 Bluetooth earphone offer the same value?
Meet F&D EW201 Wireless Sports Earphones

It is a neck hung style Bluetooth earphone with a volume and call button and a pair of earpieces with hooks.

Meet F&D EW201

The box
The box

The earphones are 1.2 meters in length and both ends are each earpieces. These earpiece have a large cone shape with a thick glossy outer shell that connects to the cord. The silicone ear piece cups are swappable with two extra sizes. 

The cord is flat with a matte texture that feels sturdy even if you pull against the earpieces. about two thirds from one side is the volume and call button with a microphone hole and a micro USB 2.0 port. This is where you connect your USB cable to to charge the device.

It is packaged with premium matte textured paper boxes. Inside are the quick start guide, regulatory information and the earphones.
Micro USB charging port
Micro USB charging port

It is rated for up 4 hours of use but we were getting a little above 5 hours of use while being constantly connected to our phone or laptop. It takes an hour to charge.

The rest of the features

It uses the latest Bluetooth 4.1 and if your devices (smartphone, tablets, etc) support it, you can connect to the EW201 simultaneously with another Bluetooth device that has a different function. (like a Bluetooth keyboard)

It was designed to be neck hanged and the placement of the volume button and play and pause button makes it easier to control the earphones but it makes it heavier on one side which makes it easier to be pulled by gravity and drop easily.

We've had multiple instances wherein it would drop on its own weight. This could have been remedied if the earpieces had magnets that would close the loop and avoid dropping.

When you turn it on, turn it off and connect it to a device, it uses the same one tone which can confuse the user as to whether or not he turned it on/ off or connected it to another device.

The ear hooks adds another layer of support by hooking against the auricle of your ears to keep it securely placed. It does its job but it is cumbersome to wear at first. You get used to it eventually but our ears feel worn down after several hours of continuous use.

Powerful sound with strong bass!

Lastly, audio quality is okay for a Bluetooth earphone! It is not audiophile grade but the sound is powerful and loud in a decent sized sound stage with a noticeably strong bass. The bass is so strong that you can really feel the vibrations but at the cost of treble. There is very little treble while the mids are okay. 

F&D EW201 Specs

Driver Size: 10 mm dynamic
Frequency response: 20Hz - 20KHz
Speaker Impedance: 16 Ohms
Sensitivity: 95dB at 1KHz
Mic size: 4.0mm
Mic impedance: 2.2K Ohms
Mic Sensitivity: -42dB at 1KHz
Battery: Up to 4 Hours of continuous use with rapid charger
Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.1 (Up to 10 m)
Dimensions: 595 x 12.4 x 34.5 mm
Others: Sweat resistant
Price: PHP 695

The F&W EW201 is a decent value Bluetooth earphone that produces strong bass sound with a solid made matte finished design. We recommend it if you like strong and powerful sound that is mostly bass. Otherwise, there are other alternatives.
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