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Globe Postpaid customers get FREE 6 months of DisneyLife app

If you love Disney, Globe Postpaid has a treat for you. They are offering 6 months of free all-in access to the new DineyLife app for their subscribers.
Globe Postpaid customers get FREE 6 months of DisneyLife app
Get 6 months FREE of DisneyLife with Globe Postpaid

You can enjoy over 350 movies from Disney, Marvel and Star Wars franchise if you are an existing Globe Postpaid customers or a new/returning customer as well for free in this exclusive promo. 

Customers who has ThePlan or ThePlan Plus 999 and above will get a free 6-month subscription as well as new and existing Globe at Home Postpaid customers who applied or upgraded to Plan 1299 and up. An additional 3-month subscription will be added if you purchase a Globe Streamwatch Roku Powered.

Globe is now offering DisneyLife subscription for PHP 149. They can just text DLife149 to 8080 to sign up. Once signed up, each DisneyLife subscription will allow users to create up to 6 accounts, register up to 10 gadgets, and use the DisneyLife app across four devices at the same time.

The DisneyLife app is compatible for both iOS and Android devices and is available on the App Store and Google Play Store.

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