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Globe Telecom says potential third telco company will benefit consumers

Globe Telecom is open in exploring the possibility of having a third player the the telco in the industry in the Philippines as it can entice more competition.
Globe Telecom says potential third telco company will benefit consumers
Globe believes that a third telco company will be beneficial

That same competition will benefit the consumers according to Globe. It will create a healthy but fierce competitive environment that will push of the three participants.

That is why they are not opposed to welcoming a third company. They are even saying that as much as the Philippines can handle more players the better.

They believe that the tighter competition has the potential of opening up the flood gates for new and innovative products and services at competitive rates. This statement follows the Department of Information and Communications Technology released two versions of the terms of reference for selecting new major telco players.

Preparing for that, Globe moved forward with their plans to divest its tower assets. It has started the process of using a separate tower holding company. This move will allow the third telco's process of rolling out their network seamless and immediately launch commercial operations.

This will also allow smaller players to scale up their businesses without much fuss.

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