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Huawei to bring AI to mid-range phones for the masses!

Huawei has been heavily teasing that their Nova series will bring more for users with four cameras, larger storage, seamless gaming, Qmoji and all new AI capabilities!
What could AI bring to the mid-range phones?

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One possible new application of AI that Huawei could address is by improving communication by improving the quality of calls even in noisy environments such as streets, restaurants, and public areas with terrible ambient noise.

The second one is file and photo organization. It could help you and me find that photo that you've always wanted to share but could never find in your phone's album. The said AI could allow users to quickly browse through the gallery by categories and find with ease!

The next possible benefit that AI could bring is shopping. After taking a picture of our desired item, the AI could compare prices from your favorite retailers or give immediate feedback that takes us to the website that sells the same item!

With each year, mobile processors becoming more and more sophisticated. As they grow in capability, so does the number of possibilities and benefits that it can bring. This results in AI improving the lives of its users and this is what Huawei aims to achieve with the Nova series.

Who's excited for the upcoming Nova 3 and Nova 3i?
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