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Master Lu Benchmark: OnePlus has the best Android UI

Master Lu Benchmark just released its ranking of the 10 best Android UI (user interface) based on overall performance.
Master Lu Benchmark: OnePlus has the best Android UI
The ranking of UI by Master Lu Benchmark

The ranking was created based on app usage, desktop use, web content loading and sliding, photo viewing, file copying, boot-up speed, and other operations.

Top 10 best UI according to Master Lu Benchmark

1. OnePlus Hydrogen OS
2. Huawei EMUI
3. Smartisan OS
4. Xiaomi MIUI
5. OPPO ColorOS
6. Samsung Experience
7. Google Pixel
8. HTC Sense
9. Vivo FunTouch OS
10. Nubia UI

Based on its list, the best overall Android UI is the Hydrogen OS of OnePlus. It is arguably cleanest looking skin with tons of features. It also has optimizations to make the overall experience better.

However, Hydrogen OS is specifically designed for the Chinese market only. Fortunately, OnePlus's Oxygen OS for the global market is also very good.

Next is Huawei's EMUI ranked at number 2. We think that it is an underrated UI. Most westerners won't agree us as it doesn't have the cleanest looking theme and icons, but in terms of performance it is one of the speediest around. It is always fast.

The 3rd spot goes to Smartisan OS, MIUI is at number 4, and OPPO's ColorOS is at number 5.

OPPO's ColorOS is followed by Samsung Experience, Google Pixel, HTC Sense, Vivo FunTouch OS, and Nubia UI at the number 6 to 10 spots.

Not everyone has the same criteria regarding the best UI though. Some would think that the skin of Google Pixel phones are the best due to its stock appearance and bloat-free experience.

What do you think guys?

Do you agree with this ranking? Let us know!

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