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Netflix is getting new profile icons

Netflix is celebrating their anniversary in a very cool way. Following 2013's launch of Netflix profiles, they are now launching the improved profile icons.
These are the new Netflix profile icons
These are the new Netflix profile icons

The Netflix profiles are already a great addition to separate your own customized watching list from your family's. Now, the profile icons are getting a grand makeover that brings some of the most beloved characters from Netflix shows and movies.

Netflix understands that the series and movies you watch are not just to pass time. You are invested in the stories and characters. Now, you can express your appreciation of your Netflix heroes through your profile icons. Now, you get personalized suggestions and even personalized icons.

You can get a variety of choices from the cast of Stranger Things, Orange is the New Blackm Luke Cage and more. You can expect the new profile icons to roll out on the website, mobile and TV devices over the next few weeks.

What do you guys think? 
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