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OPPO to launch the F9 and F9 Pro soon?

Based on an alleged leaked teaser, OPPO will launch the follow-up to the successful F7 soon. it could be dubbed as the F9.
OPPO to launch the F9 and F9 Pro soon?
The leaked teaser

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In addition, the OPPO F9 popped up on a Bluetooth certification website. It also revealed that there is another version of the F9, the F9 Pro.
OPPO to launch the F9 and F9 Pro soon?
The Bluetooth certification

Going back, the F9 teaser revealed that it will sport two cameras for sure. But, it also showed that there is a 3rd hole at right. The third hole has the same size of the sure two camera sensors on its left.

So, we won't be surprised if it will be a 3rd camera sensor instead of the usual flash. If that's the case, this could be the first OPPO device with a triple camera setup inspired by the Huawei P20 Pro flagship smartphone.

These are all the details that we know for now. We can expect the upcoming F9 and F9 Pro to have upgraded build, design, specs, and features coming from the impressive OPPO F7 line.

Maybe it could come with a better MediaTek SoC than the really good P60?

Can we expect OPPO to launch these devices in August or September?

We will keep you guys posted!

Source: DealNTech
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