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Apple is the first public company to be worth USD 1 trillion!

Apple shares closed at a record high USD 207.39 on Thursday in New York that effectively makes them the first public company to be worth USD 1 trillion!
Apple's iPhone X is the world's best selling smartphone (Q1 2018)
The iPhone X

Apple stocks were performing better than expected this last three months and have continued this Thursday.

The surge began after it was announced that Apple's second quarter performance was better than what Wall street expected.

This effectively makes Apple's shares to be a third better than last year. 

This all began when Apple announced the iPhone in 2007 where the stocks soared to by 1,100 percent. Since they opened to the public in 1980, Apple's shares have grown to a massive USD 40,000 when adjusted for splits.

This maybe a result from Apple's growing services like Apple Music and the App Store that saw a 31 percent revenue growth.

Apple is now valued higher than the GDP of all but 26 major countries. 

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