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The rise of Huawei: Now the number 3 smartphone brand in the Philippines

Yesterday, we had a chance to interview Mr. George Li, the Country Head of Huawei Consumer Business Group in the Philippines.
The Huawei P20 Pro with triple Leica cameras
The Huawei P20 Pro with triple Leica cameras

Now the number 3 smartphone brand in the Philippines

Mr. Li shared that Huawei is now the number 3 smartphone brand in the Philippines based on the latest research of GfK.

Huawei has overtaken Vivo in terms of volume and value with 14.5 percent sales volume and 14.8 percent market value. Only Samsung and OPPO are ahead of Huawei in the Philippines as of writing.

Samsung has 29.3 percent sales volume and 37.4 percent market value. Huawei is getting closer with the 16.7 percent of OPPO in the country.

The good balance between Huawei brand’s sales volume and market value implies that they were able to sell more mid to premium phones in the Philippines.

He also noted that Huawei's value share has already exceeded both OPPO and Vivo in the Luzon Area (NGMA). In particular, Huawei is now number 2 in the Luzon Area.

Based on IDC's recent report, Huawei is now the number 2 smartphone brand in the world with 15.8 percent of the global market share. In comparison, Apple only has 12.1 percent at the number 3 spot.

Note: This study was revealed before the launch of the Nova 3 series in PH.

Huawei's secret to local and global success

Me with Mr. Li
Me with Mr. Li

Mr. Li also shared with us the secrets to Huawei's local and global success. He stated that they always have their customers in mind.

Huawei invests 10 percent of their revenue each year to Research and Development. They have already spent USD 62.5B for R&D in total.

Huawei also has world-leading hubs of expertise during these years (5G technology development in Germany, algorithm Centre in Moscow, UX Design Centre in San Francisco, design center in London, and aesthetic center in Paris). 

Here in PH, they started making noise when they introduced revolutionary features on the P10. The recent success of the Nova 3 series also helped the brand in getting consumer's trust. In terms of their sales here, it has been a massive 5 to 6x increase versus the successful Nova 2i last year.

Li also shared that the reasons why they have achieved this. According to him, it is because their consumers liked their innovative design, the (4) AI cameras, the metal and glass body design, and their own Huawei chipset.

They also have the Huawei P20 Pro flagship smartphone with innovative triple Leica camera system. It is arguably the best smartphone in its class.

Overall, the priority of Huawei is to let consumers enjoy and experience their products in person.

They also collect trends and what the consumer needs to come up with new technologies that customers can use and enjoy.

To maintain their growth and lead, he said that Huawei will always come up with more revolutionary products over its own predecessors.

The message of Mr. Li to Filipino fans

First, we want to thank the Philippine Market for its continued support on our products. We appreciate every person who helped us achieve a massive success especially for the Nova 3 series. We want to thank our media friends, our retail partners, and most especially our Filipino customers. We listen to your feedbacks and suggestions. Our team collect and select them then transfer it to our HQ. These help us to come up with a new technology that would best suit your personality. We will continue to introduce innovative products to the market and will make it easier for the consumers to try the products. We assure everyone that we will keep investing in the Philippine market for the consumers to have a light flagship experience with a reasonable price and for them to feel like their "own star", shared Mr. George Li, the Country Head of Huawei Consumer Business Group in the Philippines.

What do you think guys?
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