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Get a trademarked art for your iPhone from a Czech painter via Argomall

Argomall, a local retailer of mobile phones, gadgets, etc. is now in partnership with a renowned Czech painter and designer for the trademarked art on iPhone cases.
Get a trademarked art for your iPhone from a Czech painter via Argomall
Yombi trademarked abstract artwork by Radim Kacer for the iPhone X

Radim Kacer is a painter and a designer currently based in Ostrava, Czech Republic. He is also an experience UX designer with over a dozen of international programs for universities and artistic, research projects. 
Radim Kacer with his abstract artworks
Radim Kacer with his abstract artworks

He has been selling his artworks for over EUR 100K and his wallpaper retails not less than EUR 100. Kacer has resided in the Philippines for a while now and wants to share his art to the Filipinos through iPhone cases and wallpapers.

The "Yombi" abstract artworks of Kacer are now exclusively available in Argomall for cases and wallpapers on the following Apple devices: iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone 7. It retails for PHP 1,690 only. 

Kacer's designs cannot easily be copied by anyone because it does not use any pattern generators, plugins, or scripts. He invented his own OrganikPixel technology that makes his artworks in a ultra high-definition digital images. It also creates textures with 20K resolution.

Get your own trademarked abstract artwork for your iPhone via Argomall

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