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Promate TrueBlue Wireless Stereo HiFi Earphones Review - stylish design with great sound?

With a number of premium products being offered in the music industry, Promate seems like ready to challenge them with its competitive TrueBlue Wireless Stereo HiFi Earphones.
Promate TrueBlue Wireless Stereo HiFi Earphones Review - stylish design with great sound?
Promate TrueBlue Wireless Stereo HiFi Earphones

The device claims to be a partner for users' seamless training and entertainment, given its wireless earpods connectivity and high fidelity.

But, does it really offer high quality audio? Continue reading to find out in our full review!

Promate TrueBlue Wireless Bluetooth Stereo HiFi Earphones Specs

Driver: Dynamic
Frequency response: 50Hz to 20KHz
Bluetooth version: 4.1
Bluetooth chipset: Airoha 1511
Battery: 60mAh per earpiece
Charging time: 1 hour
Headset battery capacity: 60mAh x 2
Charging case battery capacity: 400mAh
Price: PHP 3,995


Inside the box!
Inside the box!

The packaging comes in a clean white, folding box.

Inside is the charging case with the earphones unit. It also comes with  micro USB charging cable, extra eartips in small and large size, and a user guide. 

Build Quality/Design

Looking good in black variant!
Looking good in black variant

The earpieces are firmly built, have two magnetic button-like wireless charging area and a built-in microphone.
The case can charge the earphones!
The case can charge the earphones!

They have multi-function buttons on the side for turning on and off as well as for answering and rejecting a call. You can see the LED indicator when you turn on and off the device.

It flashes blue light when you switch it on. It is already in pairing mode when the red and blue LED of the left earpiece flash alternately, and the blue LED of the right earpiece starts flashing. 

Its charging case, meanwhile, is sturdy enough to store and protect the earpieces. In terms of its style, the case really suits the taste of those people wanting to keep things simple yet modern. The red LED will turn on to signal that the charging case is charging. Once fully charged, the blue LED will turn on.

It also has a built-in battery that can power and fully charged the earpieces up to three times. You only have to place the earpieces into the charging case to charge them.

Promate's TrueBlue can be paired to any Bluetooth enabled devices.


Looks like the device was tailored fit for this ear!
Looks like the device was tailored fit for this ear!

The design of the body and the soft silicone tips are effective to make the devices sit comfortably in our ears, without the feeling of worry that they would fall out easily. Consequently, they are perfect for training or activities.

Comfy to wear!

However, be cautious that you do not maximize the volume whenever you are outside as they can block unnecessary noises. 

Even with no "usual" wires at all, we assure you the pair looks really cool with its minimalist style!

Battery Life

The headsets have 60mAh battery capacity apiece, while the charging case is equipped with 400mAh battery capacity.

Promate claimed that it can last to up to 4.5 hours playing time. Based on our experience, you can use this for good 4 hours if you use this with low to moderate volume. When we played songs and watched a movie with the highest volume, it made the device last for only three hours.

It also said charging time is only an hour, but we only achieved a full charge after one hour and 20 minutes.

Sound Quality/Performance

Simple pair of earphones that can rock!
Simple pair of earphones that can rock!

Trying this out for almost two weeks, the product is easy to use as you only need to press and hold the multi-function button to pair the earphones. In your smartphone or laptop, you have to turn on your Bluetooth and search for "TrueBlue" from the list of found devices, and click it for pairing.

If you want to answer a call, press the button on the left earpiece. Rejecting a call is also easy, you just have to press and hold the same button for two seconds. When ending a call, you just press the button on the left earpiece.

Promate did not mention in the manual about its range, but when we tried it, the device can still pretty connect up to 10 meters!

We also tried its claim that this can be paired to any enabled Bluetooth device, and it is true. We paired it with our IOS and Android devices and even to our laptop, and it connects well.

In terms of its audio quality, the sounds it produces are decent enough. We are impressed that even though the product is not a pair of full size headphones, the sound are like trapped in the ears, providing good isolation from noises. 

We also tried testing its quality through this which offers a number of songs to test headsets' midrange, bass and treble.

We believe the product produces average level of bass despite the small built of TrueBlue. Midrange is okay, enough clarity to feel the song and vocals. Treble does not hurt our ears, so it is safe to say it is fine. 

The loudness is also good for playing songs or binge watching a series. 

Pros - Nice sound quality, sleek design, long battery life, charging case
Cons - Slow charging time


TrueBlue Wireless Stereo HiFFi Earphones offers modern and simple design for individuals who want to try wireless earphones and for those people with active lifestyle.

This product has a price tag of PHP 3,995, not bad for its quality!

Build/Design - 5
Comfort/Isolation - 4
Battery - 4.5
Features - 4
Sound - 4
Average - 4.3/5
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