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REX Book Store looks to build the classroom of the future through digital disruption and education

REX Book Store looks to build the classroom of the future through digital disruption and education,
Rex digital disruption and education
Rex digital disruption and education

You can see a lot of things being replaced with digital versions of themselves. There are electronic/digital billboards, smartphones with biometrics, automated transport and even apps that improve our efficiency on different tasks.

Communication is also now easier as internet made physical distance trivial with video conferences, chat messengers and social media. Information that we can only access through books and libraries are now just as simple as searching about it in the net. Digital advancement is a balance between good hardware, software and even user interface.

Different apps make our lives easier. There are search engines that can give us information in just a few seconds, navigation apps that can point us to the place we want to go in the shortest amount of time and even smart home systems that can do a lot of things just via voice commands. However, these advancements make us dependent to them which leave us to wonder if there are things left for us to work hard for?

There are also disadvantages in how fast data and information are shuffled around. Especially if those information are fake or wrong. "Fake news" is a term that is thrown around so much these days that it becomes alarming. News and information authenticity is becoming more of a problem since word spread faster around the internet and sometimes lies become the truth over time.

Most jobs are also becoming digital and automated. There are also fear that human employees are being dominated by their digital counterparts. However, this fear is misplaced since operating or supervising these machines will require a new set of skills which opens for knowledge growth. New job positions are opening as well during this digital shift such as big data analysts, cloud services specialists, social media managers, app designers and more.

These are some of the aspects that REX Book Store considered when they adopted the "whole child" approach as guidance in developing their products and solutions. First developed by an organization called ASCD, the whole child initiative is an effort to ¨transition from a focus on narrowly defined academic achievements to one that forms a holistic connection towards fulfilling the success of young learners through long-term development and guidance.

As ASCD’s official partner in the Philippines, REX Book Store has been actively creating programs, offering a lot of learning solutions to assist not just learners but parents and institutions with the vision of transforming today´s classrooms into future-ready learning environments.

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