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5 reasons to be excited about Kirin 980!

At the IFA 2018, Huawei one-upped Apple as the first mobile company in the world to launch a chip designed under TSMC's 7 nm FinFET process, that processor is the Kirin 980!
5 reasons to be excited about Kirin 980!
Meet Kirin 980

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Since the HiSilicon Kirin 980 by Huawei is the first 7 nm processor, we came up with the list of reasons on why we should be excited about it.

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5 reasons to be excited about Kirin 980

CPU performance of Kirin 980 versus Snapdragon 845
CPU performance of Kirin 980 versus Snapdragon 845

1. Huawei claimed that it is the most powerful yet - Since the Kirin 980 was built under the new 7 nm FinFET process, it SHOULD perform better than the previous generation 10 nm process.

Most high-end smartphones today runs with the 10 nm process. With 7 nm, you could experience up to 20 percent faster performance and up to 40 percent improved power efficiency versus its 10 nm counterparts.
Monster gaming performance
Monster gaming performance

Moreover, gaming experience should also be better with Kirin 980 since it is has the new Mali-G76 MP10 GPU with up to 22 percent better performance and 32 percent nicer power efficiency versus flagship smartphones running with the Snapdragon 845 processor.

Huawei claimed that it can maintain near 60 fps experience on AAA gaming title like the NBA 2K18.

It even has the LPDDR4X support which is 14 percent faster than the industry average.

In total, the Kirin 980 has 6.9 billion transistors which was designed to vastly improve performance and efficiency.

We can expect upcoming Kirin 980 phones to be way faster than most high-end phones out in the market today.

So far, the only real competition for the Kirin 980 that we can see is the Apple A12 Bionic chip found on the 2018 iPhones.

But, Huawei confident the Kirin 980 will outpace Apple's A12 Bionic based on the recent report by TechRadar.
Dual NPU, better performance
Dual NPU, better performance

2. Dual NPU to handle AI tasks - Last year, Huawei shocked the world when they introduced the Kirin 970, the first mobile processor in the world with a dedicated NPU (Neural processing unit) to handle AI applications.

This year, HiSilicon, the semiconductor brand of Huawei added not one, but two NPUs to improve the AI performance of the processor.

The result? It leapfrogged the rest of the competition when it comes to AI.

It now has better real-time user experience in facial recognition, object recognition, object detection, image segmentation, AI translation, and more.

It is a 120 percent increase versus the Kirin 970 last year.

To keep it simple, it can learn faster and better than most 2018 flagship smartphones.
Better ISP (Image Signal Processor) than ever
Better ISP (Image Signal Processor) than ever

3. Dual ISP for awesome for better camera performance - It also has the new ISP 4.0 to make camera shooting experience easier on phones running with Kirin 980.

It has 46 percent faster camera processing improvement, 23 percent recording power efficiency improvement, and 33 percent latency improvement.

It also has better support for multi-camera configurations, all new HDR color reproduction technology, multi-pass noise reduction in lowlight, and improved motion tracking with 97 percent accuracy.

For videos, it has a new pipeline dedicated to process video captures to allow Kirin 980 powered devices shoot with 33 percent shorter delay.

If ever Huawei will use a triple-camera setup again, its quality should be better than the industry leading Huawei P20 Pro right now. Exciting!
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4. Blazing fast connectivity options - Huawei boasts that the Kirin 980 is the first smartphone with 4G LTE Cat 21. Huawei stated that it has up to 1.4Gbps download and 200Mbps upload speeds.

Most flagship phones right now only has up to Cat 18.

Moreover, it has the new Hi1103 WiFi chip with 1.7Gbps downspeed and 160MB max bandwith. It is 1.7x faster than the current industry standard.

It also has dual-frequency L1 an L5 GPS for ultra-precise positioning.

Its blazing fast connectivity could help video streamers and online gamers enjoy lag-free experience.
Kirin 980 powered phones on October 16!
Kirin 980 powered phones on October 16!

5. It will be available with the upcoming Huawei Mate 20 phones soon - The first that will run with the Kirin 980 are the Huawei Mate 20 series phones. The launch event will take place on October 16, 2018 in London.

According to leaks and rumors, the Mate 20 series will be the best Huawei handset yet.

There you go! For us, the above-mentioned details are the reasons why we should get excited about Kirin 980.

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