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Cloudfone launches "Kalye Irving" campaign

Cloudfone is launching their "Kalye Irving" ad campaign along with their Q4 offerings. This campaign does not promote a product but Cloudfone's journey.
Cloudfone launches "Kalye Irving" campaign
"Kalye Irving" for Cloudfone

The Filipino mobile company launched the Cloudfone Ice in September 2011 marking their first ever product-launch. They only had one mission since then until today, which is to provide quality and affordable smartphones to Filipino consumers.

It will follow Andre Ingco, known as "Kalye Irving" due to his basketballs skills. Cloudfone saw more than basketball skills in Andrei as they saw his inner quality that reflects what their company is fighting for.
Eric Yu, CEO and President of Cloudfone
Eric Yu, CEO and President of Cloudfone

They want to show how Andrei unlocked his potential in basketball by working hard. Coming from a humble background, he used whatever is available to him to improve his skills while overcoming obstacles along the way.

Cloudfone, in the beginning, only had 22 partner stores and 5 kiosks. Now, that number grew to over a 1,000 stores nationwide in 6 years. It even has the potential to go beyond the borders of the Philippines.

Cloudfone see their company's principle and attitude through Ingco. These traits and attitude allowed Cloudfone to produce quality products such as the Next Infinity and the Next Infinity Quattro.

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