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LG announces new customer service method

LG is eager to improve how customer service works by making it go beyond the post-sales processes and operations for consumer's experience.
LG announces new customer service method
LG Smart Diagnosis System make troubleshooting easier

Nowadays, customer service typically just involves things like scheduling an installation or scheduling a technician site visit to troubleshoot a product. Usually this is a process that consumes time, money and patience.

LG wants to simplify and speed up things since looking for product documentations and making multiple calls on top of waiting a few days for resolution is not pleasant experience for the consumers. LG appliances now offers the Smart Diagnosis System on its appliances.

The Smart Diagnosis System is an intuitive text that aims to bring speedy and accurate troubleshooting steps. They can download the app on their mobile devices and use it to diagnose problems with their LG appliances including washing machines, TVs and refrigerators.

Once the issue has been recognize, customers can call the LG helpline if they need more assistance. With the information provided by the app, they can help the technicians to troubleshoot the problems when the customer presses a button sequence on their appliance. This will then trigger a series of problem specific diagnostic tones that can help the technician give instructions over the phone.

If the problem can't be repaired over the phone, the Smart Diagnostic app can prepare the technician before the visit to have the proper tools so repairs can happen quicker.

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