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POCOPHONE F1 maintained great price through Widevine L3 DRM module?

The POCOPHONE F1 made its mark as one of the best smartphone in terms of price-to-performance ratio. It has Snapdragon 845 at just at just PHP 17,990.
Pocophone F1 has Widevine L3 support
Pocophone F1 has Widevine L3 support

POCOPHONE: We used the "best materials" to make the F1

It begs the question of how they did this. They did not compromise anything in terms of specs and price. AndroidPure, a foreign tech news outlet, pointed out that the balancing feature in a simpler form which is the DRM module.
Pocophone F1 configuration courtesy of Androidpure
Pocophone F1 configuration courtesy of Androidpure

DRM stands for "Digital Rights Management" which protects digital intellectual properties such as movies, video game assets and music from piracy and any other unauthorized uses. In terms of mobile apps, video streaming apps such as Netflix rely on DRM to battle copyright infringement.

Android supports a wide range of DRM modules including, but not limited to, ClearKey, Microsoft Playready and Widevine among others. Widevine is the most popular method with multiple levels of protection. L1 means the device is fully compatible to Widevine and L3 meaning partial compatibility. Pocophone F1 has the latter.

POCOPHONE F1's Widevine L3 means that some app with L1 requirements will either not work or have limited functionality such as Netflix since it requires L1 to stream HD content. Fortunately, this is not the first time this happened. OnePlus did this with 5 and 5T and they found a simple solution that is still convenient for the consumer.

OnePlus allowed users to have their phone's DRM module to be updated. This could also be the path that POCOPHONE can take but we still need to wait for an official statement.

What do you guys think?

Source: AndroidPure
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