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Facebook Messenger 4, now official

The American tech company has unveiled today the redesigned Facebook Messenger that attempts to bring back focus to chats.
Facebook Messenger is now redesigned
Facebook Messenger 4

After some updates that brought us the bots, games, payments, and other widgets, Messenger brings us back the basics. Although Messenger still promotes its business objectives through the app, the latest UI returns to the first time it was launched. 

Messenger used to be a way for Facebook users to send messages to their friends or family before it became a standalone mobile app in 2014. 

The major change on the redesigned app could be the big photo/video button on the bottom is now replaced by a smaller camera icon next to the icon for sending a new text message, called "chats" tab.
Minimalistic makeover
Minimalistic makeover

Next tab is about "people" that serves as the user's Facebook Messenger phone book. People who are actively using Messenger at the same time as you will show up first in the contacts list, and next to their name is a hand emoji that, once tapped, it will send your friend a casual “wave.”

The Day stories also show up twice now on Messenger. One on top of your "chats" tab and another on top of the "people" tab.

Last tab is called "discover." It's where users can find businesses and games in a section labeled “for you.”
Chats, People, and Discover tabs for Facebook Messenger 4
Chats, People, and Discover tabs for Facebook Messenger 4

One of the things we like is that Messenger now allows users to change the color of chats into a gradient one, allowing the chat colors to change as the user scroll up and down. In the coming months, Messenger also plans to add a sharp-looking dark mode, that reminds us of Twitter's night-mode. 

What do you think of the redesigned Messenger?

Let's talk about it in the comments!

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