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Google launches the new Chromecast, Home Hub!

American tech leader Google has unveiled a number of new products, including the refreshed Chromecast and Google Home Hub. 
Google launches the new Chromecast, Home Hub!
Google releases the new Chromecast, Home Hub

The US-based company said the new Chromecast is 15 percent faster, allowing users to stream 60 fps vdeo at 1080p, against the previous version's capability to only support 720p. 
The new Chromecast
The new Chromecast

This might be the only good upgrade as The Verge said Google's new Chromecast only offers "minor design changes, minor updates."

However, Google has in store a special feature, which would be introduced later this 2018. The Verge said this could enable users to "play music in synch with other speakers connected to Google's smart devices."

Google also introduced its Home Hub, touting 7-inch display size and is powered by Google Assistant. 
Google Home Hub
Google Home Hub

In its blog post, Google said the Home Hub allows users to personalize routines from morning to night; control connected devices, play music, watch videos, and see photos, through Google Assistant voice controls. 

The new Chromecast is available for USD 35, while the Google Home Hub can be purchased for USD 149. 

What do you think of this news, guys? 

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