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Facebook deleted 1.5 billion of fake accounts in 6 months!

According to its latest Community Standards Enforcement Report, Facebook just deleted 1.5 billion fake accounts during the April to September 2018 period.
Facebook deleted 1.5 billion of fake accounts in 6 months!
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It is Facebook's way to combat hate speech, graphic violence, and other violations of its rules even before user see and report them.

During this enhanced effort, Facebook was able to remove 1.5 billion fake accounts compared to 1.3 billion of the previous 6-month period. Facebook also removed 5.4 million pieces of hate speech and 65.6 million pieces of nude content.

The social media giant also removed 23 million pieces of violent and graphic content from the site. It is way more than the 4.6 million compared to the previous 6-month period.

Facebook also said that most of the fake accounts they found were financially motivated rather than aimed at misinformation. Those accounts still comprise 3 to 4 percent of month active users though.

The company also took down 2.1 million pieces of content around bullying and harassment. They also removed 8.7 million content with child nudity and sexual exploitation of children.
Facebook report
Facebook report

Facebook said that they have a lot of work to do when it comes to preventing abuse on Facebook.

But, they are getting at detecting bad content and taking more of them down.

This included removing content, putting a warning screen over it, disabling the offending account and/or escalating content to law enforcement.

This effort by Facebook is their way of dealing with bullying, harassment, child nudity, and sexual exploitation of children.

Machine learning artificial intelligence (AI) will continue to help them detect and remove bad content.

Facebook's overall goal is to create a safe and welcoming community for its 2 billion users worldwide.

Sources: Daily Mail, Facebook
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