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OPPO announces ColorOS 6.0 with machine learning

During the fifth anniversary celebration of Color OS in Shenzhen China, OPPO announced its next iteration, the ColorOS 6.0.
OPPO announces ColorOS 6.0 with machine learning
ColorOS 6.0

Cleaner and more intelligent ColorOS

The new ColorOS 6.0 features a light color scheme with a mix of white backdrop and light color gradients. The white space is designed to reduce clutter on  your screen.
Cleaner and faster than ever?

The new UI is also designed to work with bezel-less smartphones, but it will also work on older OPPO devices. In short, it is an adaptive type of UI.
OPPO Sans font
OPPO Sans font

The Color OS 6.0 will also use a new universal font dubbed as the OPPO Sans that was developed with Hanyi, a Chinese typeface firm.

In terms of performance, OPPO's upcoming UI will arrive with built-in machine learning features which will freeze the apps in the background instead of shutting them down. It will analyze your app activity for 2 weeks to learn your habit.

Basically, it will make your handset smoother.

It will also result to 7 percent better overall power consumption.

OPPO is expected to fully unleash Color OS 6.0 in 2019. This skin should be on top of Android 9 Pie OS.

As of this writing, ColorOS is installed on more than 250 million devices in over 140 countries worldwide.

We just don't know the full list of OPPO devices that will get this new skin in the near future.

Stay tuned!

Source: ColorOS
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