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Breaking: Samsung releases the Exynos 9820 8nm processor

Samsung just announced the Exynos 9820, a new 8nm Low Power Processor (LPP) mobile application processor. This new chip specially optimized for enhanced performance, AI applications, and faster internet speeds.
Breaking: Samsung releases the Exynos 9820 8nm processor
Exynos 9820

NPU on a Samsung chip!

Just like Huawei, it features a dedicated Neural Processing Unit (NPU) to carry out multiple computing processes without delays. It is seven times (7x) faster than its predecessor when it comes to AI related tasks.

It should also allow users experience next level of VR and AR experiences without compromise and deliver better camera quality with improved calculations of objects, shapes, environment, and light effects.

Exynos 9820 specs

This new chip has a 4th Gen CPU based on a tri-cluster architecture. It has two custom cores, 2 Cortex-A75 cores, and 4 Cortex-A55 cores.

Samsung claimed that it has up to 20 percent boost in performance and up to 40 percent better power efficiency. It also has an increased multi-core performance by up to 15 percent.

It even has a better Mali-G76 MP12 GPU compared to to the Mali-G76 MP10 GPU of the Kirin 980. This GPU has up to 40 percent better performance and 35 percent better power efficiency compared with its predecessors.

Moreover, it has support for multi-format codec (MFC) for up to 8K video decoding or 4K UHD 150fps encoding and can decode with 10-bit HEVC(H.265).

It even has up to 2Gbps with 8x CA (carrier aggregation) and upload speed of 316Mbps. It can download a 3.7GB FHD movie in just 15 seconds and play MMO games with less lag.


The chip will be on mass production by the end of 2018. Most likely, we will see it in the Galaxy S10 by 2019.

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