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ASUS CEO Jerry Shen resigns and there will be a mobile strategy revamp

In a report by Engadget today, ASUS announced that Jerry Shen, its CEO for the past 11 years, will be stepping down.
ASUS CEO Jerry Shen resigns and there will be a mobile strategy revamp
Jerry Shen together with George Su at the opening of the 100th ASUS store in the Philippines

ASUS CEO for 11 years

His resignation will take effect on January 1, 2019. He will be replaced by two acting CEOs, S.Y. Hsu, the PC business lead and the Samson Hu, the global and customer service lead.

Under his term, Shen was instrumental with the launch of the ZenFone, PadFone, Transformer, and ZenBook series. He is also credited as the main creator of the Eee PC which kickstarted the netbook race in 2006.

He will now run a new AIot startup, iFast as the chairman and CEO. ASUS has 30-percent stake in his new Venture.

There will be a mobile strategy revamp

The ROG Phone

Along with the resignation of Jerry, ASUS also revealed that they will revamp its mobile strategy moving forward. They will focus more on gaming products and devices for the power users.

This new strategy could mean that ASUS will have less emphasis on consumers products like the ZenBook and ZenFone. ASUS could focus more on the ROG line.
We won't be surprised if ASUS will do less ZenFones next year due to its NTD 6 billion (PHP 10.2 billion) loss in its mobile department.

But most likely, it will not be the end for the ASUS smartphones. They still have the ROG Phone which got a lot of good reviews. It is a gaming-centric smartphone with a lot of accessories and innovations designed for gaming.

What do you guys think?

Source: Engadget
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